"I am a Property Manager of 3 multifamily buildings. The City of Seattle adopted an ordinance where multifamily buildings are required to participate in an Energy Benchmarking Program. In researching how to comply with this ordinance, I found that the process was complicated and was going to require a significant amount of my time. I went to the City of Seattle Energy Benchmarking Program website for help and found Michael Jones of Energy Benchmarking Services as a recommended consultant.

I am very pleased with Michael's work. He was easy to reach, thorough, communicative and an expert on the requirements of an Energy Benchmarking Program. In his research, Michael found that The City had reported incorrect information about our buildings. The corrections Michael made impacted our compliance requirements. The end product that Michael created was an Energy Benchmarking Account that was up and running, had complete information and was in 100% compliance. Michael even took it one step further and contacted the City to make sure that our most recent energy reports were downloaded in time to ensure compliance. He also took the time to walk me step by step through our Energy Benchmarking Account and showed me how to use it.

I found the whole process daunting and Michael made my job easy. I have since recommended Michael to many colleagues in the industry.

It is my understanding that The City of Seattle will be requiring additional information in the future as part of the ongoing Energy Benchmarking Program. I have already asked Michael to notify me of any new requirements and will hire him on an ongoing basis to help me keep in compliance with The City."

Julie Osterman - Property Manager

"I would highly recommend using Michael Jones to help anyone required to do the Energy Benchmarking for the City of Seattle.  

I had just acquired a 100 yr old building and the benchmarking was due, it was also a requirement by our Lender that this Report must be completed. The Online directions were less than helpful even followed step by step. I thought to myself, 'there has got to be others out there struggling with this too, right?'

I found Michael online, he answered my call at around 4pm on a Friday, he quickly started assisting me with my time sensitive situation. Michael was so helpful and positive that we could get this done in time. I was surprised when he started helping me before he starting talking about the cost, he is a rare find.  I will be using Michael Jones to do our Benchmarking from now on.  Thanks Michael!"

Heidi Wezenberg - Regional Properly Manager

"I was concerned and a bit frustrated that I needed to do this work to comply with the city's ordinance. But I spoke with Michael and he assured me that he would take care of it for me, and he did! His price for the work was fair, and he completed the work quickly, effectively and accurately. He even notified me one year later when there was an update that needed to be done. I know he's looking out for my best interests when it comes to making sure my building is in compliance with the city so I don't get fined. Because of Michael's help, this is one less thing that I need to worry about!"

Del Roberts - Warehouse Owner

"Michael did a great job completing the benchmarking requirement for our condo.  After I provided him some initial information about our building, he did the rest.  He provided regular updates as well as a summary of the work once he was done.  Clearly he understands how to use Portfolio Manager and is very knowledgeable about the compliance rules as well as the basics of energy benchmarking.  It was great having him do the work and knowing now that our building is compliant." 

J.Viniko - Condominium Association President

"I explained to Michael the challenges and constraints of entering our buildings' info into Portfolio Manager.  He had a clear understanding of this online tool, how it worked, and how it related to my buildings.  He also understood the basic environmental concepts behind energy benchmarking and was able to provide me with information and perspectives that were both informative and valuable."

John O'Neil - Seattle High School Facility Manager

"Michael Jones of Energy Benchmarking Services did a wonderful job for our condominium. He is very efficient and very professional. He answered all our questions and concerns promptly. I would highly recommend him to anyone that needs assistance with Benchmarking for their building."

Kathy Baker - Condominium Association Treasurer