City of Seattle Non-residential Building Tune-Ups

In the City of Seattle, non-residential buildings greater than 50,000 sq ft are required to perform a "tune-up" once every 5 years per the City's tune-up ordinance.  

Compliance with this second cycle (2023-2026) of tune-ups will help building owners prepare for Seattle’s newly adopted Building Emissions Performance Standard (BEPS), as well as the new Washington State Clean Building Performance Standard (CBPS)

After the second cycle is completed, the Building Tune-Ups program will sunset to prevent overlap with the CBPS regulation’s first cycle of deadlines starting in 2026 for buildings 220,000 SF and larger.

Here's a link to an overview of Seattle’s Building Tune-up program

And here's a link to the City’s About Building Tune-Ups page

Here are resources regarding the tune-up program


The Tune-Up reporting deadlines are listed here: